Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

Cosmic Mantra

Waktu Mulai:
13 Februari 2010 jam 0:00
Waktu Selesai:
28 Februari 2010 jam 19:00
SIGIarts Gallery

A Solo Exhibition by Albert Yonathan

Curated by Asmudjo Jono Irianto

Humans, constructions, animals, and plants serve as the basis for the modules in Albert’s configurations. These modules seem to represent the universe and all its content. The underlying problem that unites these components, however, is not immediately apparent. We can view Albert’s works as symbolic artwork, but one with no binding meaning; rather, the artwork has an open meaning that suits each of our perceptions and backgrounds.

It is undeniable that the repetition of the same objects (i.e. the modules) is the most significant part in Albert’s works in this exhibition. It states that the individual is not important; what is important here is the entity that consists of the whole constituents—which in this case are the human beings and the universe. Here, the modules that represent humans, animals, plants, and constructions can be viewed with the perspective that considers the relationship between humans and culture or nature. On the subsequent level of signification, one can also say that Albert’s artwork also symbolizes the problem of human existence; the existence and the “purpose” of human’s existence on earth.

Albert’s works are interesting precisely because they do not talk within the social and political framework, but instead with the perspective that considers the essence of human’s existence in this world. They are even more interesting because Albert Yonathan is presenting the issue using ceramic works, whose presence in the contemporary art world in Indonesia is still minimal, and are therefore often seen as unimportant.

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