Jumat, 26 Maret 2010


Waktu Mulai:
27 Maret 2010 jam 17:00
Waktu Selesai:
06 April 2010 jam 17:00
CGartspace, Plz indo lt3 no E16 Jakarta Pusat

Its a colaboration exhibition: CGartspace Jakarta n Rumah Proses Bandung.

Artists (15):
Armand Jamparing
Beni Sasmito aka Benzig
Buddy Siswanto
Donni Arifianto
Eddi Hermanto
Handi Hermansyah
Ide Darmawan
Irman A. Rahman
Mufti Prianka aka Amenk
Nandang Gawe
Rangga Aditya aka Maung
Rennie Agustina aka Emonk
Rudi St Darma
Tina Nuraziza aka Beni

Clap Performance by KONGSIAN BUBATART


Artworks have the paradox. Once must show strong characteristics of the artists, on the other hand should reflect the understanding collectivity of the relation between space and time. Thus the present works shown in an exhibition, not only move the work of artists from the studio, but also had become a solid unification by considering the curatorial and adapting to space, without releasing the identity that refers to the artist subjectivity in actualizing his ideas.

Deep In Store is an exhibition that has the above understanding. Where the personal content with a specific display pattern are expected to produce a specific art projects and attract progressivity for its supporters who have a variety of characters in the modus operandi.

Deep In Store, is the latest theme visualization of artist which is specially packaged, agreed to raise substantial enrichment of the art work, it is also varied and interactively restore the privileged ideas of the artist as an independency statement measured by awareness of the era.


Clap Performance by KONGSIAN BUBATART

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