Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Sitar Night

19 Desember 2009
20:00 - 22:00
ViaVia Cafe

ViaVia Café presents a musical performance, which leads us to an Indian musical instrument, that looks like a guitar, just has more strings and has a very distinctive sound. Exposing India is a right choice for ViaVia to be able to show cultural diversity of the world. India has a history of cultural influence on world culture globally.

Djarot was born in Surabaya, who then took Sitar, his beloved instrument to the show at ViaVia, along with a musician named Yoppi Andri from Aceh. Hikayat Poetry (the name of their group) represents the cultural diversity of the world by combining the sitar with traditional music of Mecca.

We try to accommodate many possibilities of acculturation and to bring Indian atmosphere to ViaVia Café. This atmosphere is transformed through the combination between the music performance and pictures of India, photographed by Mie Cornoedus, from a different point of view.

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