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Visions of Southeast Asia

06 Maret 2010
17:00 - 20:00
Wendt Gallery Laguna Beach 1550 S Coast Hwy, U.S.A.

Visions of Southeast Asia
When: Saturday March 6, 2010 – 5 pm
Where: Wendt Gallery Laguna Beach -1550 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, live entertainment, and great art will all be served!

Wendt Gallery of Laguna Beach, California is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition, “Visions of Southeast Asia”, which will consist of a historic collection of Southeast Asian art and some key works by major contemporary artists from the region. Owners Joseph and Serina Manqueros are committed to encourage interest in both historically influential and rapidly rising Asian artists who, while widely known and enthusiastically collected at major art galleries and auction houses throughout Asia, have not yet had an opportunity to exhibit their work in California.

Gallery owners' Joseph and Serina Manqueros have made numerous trips to southeast Asia to familiarize themselves with the artists of the region; in order to put together this collection as a preliminary survey to the U.S. market. Mrs. Manqueros is currently developing the global gallery art program for Wendt Galleries world wide; which will include an Asian, Contemporary, and Modernism art.

“Visions of Southeast Asia”, refers to the broad and rich history covered by the exhibition’s artists, and traces people and places throughout South East Asia from 1850 to present. Works by some of the most sought after artists from past and present throughout the region will be showcased - in an ongoing effort to offer the finest works available from artists of cultural relevance, academic prowess and contemporary vision.

Highlights from the exhibition include two works by contemporary artist Ming Jing titled respectively. “Reading” and “Red Wine”, which are extremely fine examples of the artist’s craft. The work of Mr. Jing, who was raised in China, is considered one of Asia’s most well regarded painters. Ming Jing found early inspiration in the work of Pablo Picasso, particularly his African-influenced period. Among his notable accomplishments, Ming Jing has previously been on view at the prestigious National Art Museum of China in Beijing. While boasting no lack of personal artistic advancement, Ming Jing has shown lifelong dedication to fostering and representing the artistic vitality of his native Baoding China, where he is the supervising Professor of Art at the Institute of Hebei University, and is also a trustee of the China Oil Painting Society. Mr. Jing will be showcased at Wendt Galleries New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Vienna.

Famed Indonesian artist Pier Ernest Kohl’s 1922 painting, “Lady Waiting” (29” X 22”, oil on canvas), will also be featured. The exhibition will feature a total of 15 artists, spanning 160 years; in an effort to present a comprehensive range and depth of Southeast Asian contemporary art. Works by Emil Van Konignen, C.L. Dake, Cao Tali, and Awiki will also each be on display.

Among portrait artists of note, Siew Hock Meng is considered one of Asia’s most significant. Over 30 years after he began production of his early work, he is among Asia’s most prominent figurative artists, whose celebrated portraiture has captured some of the region’s most important and influential personages.

His 1996 painting, “Gaudily Dressed”” (26” x 22”, oil on canvas), is one of his finest works to date, evident in his deliberate use of color and brushstroke, creating an expressive mood with the subject who is being dressed almost as decoration for a ritual.

The Wendt Gallery survey is an important introduction of Southeast Asian art to the U.S. market. The survey hopes to ignite the interest in this market of art and artists, as it grows at an excitedly exponential pace.

Wendt Gallery is a fine art gallery whose purpose is to consult and build important collections of Art around the world. By spotlighting key works by particular artists, the gallery hopes to bring particular focus to this steadily gaining facet of the international art market, for the artistic enjoyment for art patrons and collectors. The gallery has locations worldwide, including New York, Laguna Beach, Singapore, and Vienna, Austria.

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