Jumat, 23 April 2010

Lama Sabakhtani Club: Ay Tjoe Christine in collaboration with Deden Sambas

Waktu Mulai:
16 April 2010 jam 19:30
Waktu Selesai:
02 Mei 2010 jam 17:00
Lawangwangi, Art and Science Estate
Jl. Dago Giri 99, Mekarwangi
Bandung, Indonesia


From Friday April 16th 2010 to Sunday May 2nd 2010

Indeed, the artists go to the world of objects, or perhaps it is the world of paramnesia. But the artists have made their own objects, although often with similarities or references-creating a kind of analogy-with regards to what has been made in the past. Here they easily combine the real with the imaginary. It seems that what they actually want to discover is some sort of "beauty" out of the traumatic events in the world.

In this exhibition, Christine echoes words from the wealth of Christian tradition: "Lama Sabachthani." Jesus, with his mouth dry, uttered the words as he approached his death on the cross, at the most tragic end of his life, with to two outlaws on his right and left, on the hill. With his dying words-Jesus' last words, according to the accounts and testimonies in the bible-he completed his work of salvation on Earth.

To Christine, that is the "ultimate calling" that she understands as constituting the essence of relations in life: intimacy between those calling and those being called. Its echo spreads far and deep into her personal life. Today, in the hills of Mekarwangi, it forms a part of what she calls "a harsh experience, an intimate calling to The Maker, but there are still elements of joy that seep in due to this ultimate calling."

Apparently, Christine's artistic idea is allegorical idea with allusions toward religiosity.

Hendro Wiyanto

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